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Social media

Start a conversation and turn customers into brand advocates

Get social with customers

Keep your customers close to your brand and business. Our expertly crafted social media marketing starts by listening to your audience – what they want and how they want it. From Instagram to Twitter, we create social media campaigns that engage and inform your audience. 

Build brand awareness

We deliver meaningful content and a two-way conversation that cuts through the clutter of marketing messages. It builds a strong, authentic brand personality that customers can believe in.

Increase customer loyalty

Customers who are listened to feel valued. We create social media activities that get people involved, sharing content, thoughts and feedback for your business. It’s user-generated content that’s invaluable.

Keep customers in the know

Our social media strategies help you respond quickly to customers, share information that helps them make better decisions, and drive in-person sales through discounts, flash sales and competitions.

Social media marketing

  • Social media audience research
  • Develop customer demographics
  • Create social media KPIs
  • Build likes, fans and shares
  • Social media post scheduling
  • Post creation across networks
  • Active responses and engagement
  • Key influencer relationships
  • Social media monitoring
  • Brand sentiment reporting
  • Social media alerts
  • Tone of voice and content rules

Building an engaged customer community

Our approach to social media marketing

Social research

We help you figure out how to get the best from social media networks. We research competitors and customers, discovering how they engage on social media and what platforms they use. We identify competitive opportunities for your brand, and how to quickly build an authentic brand voice.

Social strategy

From the best time to post, to the topics your brand should use, our social media strategy helps you successfully navigate social media. We identify the topics, tone and style that will support your business goals. We identify how to approach each platform – from Instagram to Twitter.

Social delivery

Social media is all about content. Well-crafted posts, detailed social media schedules, and a clear tone of voice will help build a credible brand identity. We build content calendars, engage key influencers and create sharable content posts that generate shares, likes and follows.