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Site audit

Make content marketing and SEO work harder with a site audit

Our site audit delivers quick wins

Your website works hard. It needs to attract, engage and convert customers. Our SEO and content site audit reveals out how your existing content and SEO performs. It’s a great way to spot quick SEO wins and competitive opportunities. Our site audit helps your content work harder


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Position your brand

Content says a lot about your brand. Learn how your content communicates your values and brand compared to competitors. Our site audit builds the foundation for creating an SEO-led content strategy.

Improve reach and visibility

Content that works increases reach. Our technical performance audits analyse the SEO and UX structure of your website. We review your SEO and SERP performance to help improve site ranking and win more traffic.

Boost customer engagement

Customers are more than transactions. Customers engage with brands they believe in. We measure the effectiveness of your conversion pipeline, identifying where content can help improve conversion and retention.

Content performance services

  • Content quality checking
  • Content optimisation
  • HTML structure
  • Site architecture
  • Social media presence
  • Search engine ranking
  • Keyword performance
  • URL and site structure
  • Site authority
  • Backlinks and referrals
  • Bounce and dwell
  • Content authority

Understanding your content marketing opportunities

Our approach to performance audits

Content authority

We assess your content for depth, authority and originality, along with how your customers engage with it. We assess technical elements such as bounce, dwell time, links and images through the content conversion pipeline.

Site structure

We examine the structure of your site, from its page structure and layout to URLs, page speed and indexing. It's designed to get into the nuts and bolts of your website, fine tuning it for SEO and conversion.

Reach effectiveness

We assess how your site performs on search engines: how it ranks for keywords and how it appears in search results. We see how audiences discover, engage with and share your content across channels.