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Content tools and training

Support and training to help your team master content marketing

Content marketing support

We provide the tools you need to deliver effective content across all channels – from content calendars and templates to bespoke staff training via our dedicated Submerge Content Marketing Academy.

Content marketing tools

We bring the tools and techniques from national newsrooms and publishing houses to help your brand deliver quality content that performs. From content calendars and style guides to tone of voice and monitoring tools, we can help your team stay on top of performance content marketing.

Content marketing training

We provide 1-2-1 and group training sessions that help your in-house teams successfully research, plan and deliver content that supports your business. From editorial training to analytics and social media handling, our training sessions are tailored to your needs, with practical activities and workshops.

Content Marketing Academy

Successful content marketing takes time to master. The Submerge Content Marketing Academy provides an on-going curriculum of mentoring, development and training designed for bringing content marketing activities in-house. We provide 1-2-1 and team coaching, with training manuals and template.

Content marketing training & support

  • Content scheduling and planning tools
  • Content and editorial style guides
  • Content marketing SEO checklists
  • Social media content toolkit
  • Marketing MI and KPI dashboards
  • Tone of voice guides
  • Bespoke 1-2-1 content training
  • Group training
  • Content marketing guides and manuals
  • On-going editorial and creative support
  • Refresher and SEO booster sessions
  • Content marketing seminars and briefings

Equipping you with the tools you need to create high performing content

Our approach to tools and training

Content tools

Successful content demands the best tools. From content calendars and scheduling tools, to teamwork collaboration and social media monitoring – we can advise, set-up and train your teams on how to successfully use content marketing tools to deliver content that is focused on growing your business.

Ongoing support

We're not a here today, onto the next client tomorrow kind of agency. It isn't how we roll. Instead, we're in it for the long-haul – your success is our success. We can provide on-going support, style and editorial guides, SEO and performance checklists, and troubleshooting advice when you need it.

Bespoke training

Take control of your content – and your relationship with your customers. We can train your team on how to create successful, targeted content with purpose. From structure workshops to 1-2-1 coaching and development, we tailor training to suit your needs, helping your team and business grow and develop.