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Analytics and reporting

Realtime insights and reporting on content performance KPIs

Performance analytics that inform

Make sure your content is achieving your goals. We report across the entire customer lifecycle and conversion pipeline, ensuring the return on your content investment is the best it can be.

Customer engagement

Knowing how your customers use content is vital to improving performance. From page views, links, referrals and dwell time – our reports show you what content customers love, what they miss, and what you can do about it.

Customer advocacy

Customers love to share. Make sure it’s good news. We build reports that help you understand customer retention and advocacy – from bounce rates and return visits, to shares and page depth. Our insights help you boost advocacy.

Customer conversion

High traffic content with poor onward journeys doesn’t deliver a great ROI. We examine page performance to see where customers convert into sales and where they abandon their journey – helping you optimise CTAs and increase conversion metrics.

Analytics and reporting services

  • Google Analytics
  • Content journey analysis
  • KPI reporting dashboards
  • Keyword performance measures
  • Content optimisation recommendations
  • Social media monitoring
  • SERP optimisation and reporting
  • Ecommerce goal creation
  • ROI and cost analysis
  • Competitor benchmarking
  • Leads and sales MI
  • Voice of the customer

Delivering the best analytics reporting for success

Our approach to reporting

Measurable KPIs

We work with you to create measurable, realistic KPIs that directly support commercial goals and marketing objectives. We ensure KPIs are measurable – from click-throughs and referrals to bounce and dwell time – translating them into actionable marketing intelligence.

Customer insights

How customers engage with content tells you a lot. It's invaluable customer knowledge that can help you develop new products or refine existing ones. We extract customer activity – from social posts to how customers navigate your content, and turn it into valuable customer insights.

Optimised content

From customer acquisition to conversion and retention, we look at each stage of the customer journey. We examine what content is working well across channels, optimising content plans to increase visibility and improve conversions. We update content to keep it relevant and fresh.